Friday, 24 February 2012

London Fashion Week: Kokon to Zai

Arrival at Somerset House: 3:30

The chaos backstage was building as we tried to arrange the many layers in the KTZ Autumn/Winter Collection 2012. Of course there were many zips, buttons, buckles and chains to make our lives as dressers much harder but it was very much worth the chaos and stressfulness....

Marjan one of the designers fixing the model's garments.

The show was full of star and cross jewellery on top of layers of tartan fabric; the mixing of tartan colours was extremely bold with beautiful leather jackets and coats with quirky slanted beret hats. The collection was such an interesting mix up with heavily beaded evening wear that followed the more outlandish tartan designs.

 Arthur: the model I was dressing.
This was the second season I had the incredible opportunity to work alongside Kokon to Zai; I find their designs inspirational. Somehow what they put together is so outrageously bold that it all fits into place nicely and looks insanely unique and makes us question why we throw on our dull, pretty normal clothes everyday....

The Show:

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  1. I put down a tartan dress today but now I'm having second thoughts! xx