Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Destruction of "Beauty"

What is beauty? What is considered beautiful? What can destroy or cause the break down of beauty?


I carried out various experiments to see what way the body could be manipulated and changed to try and gain a more desired or enhanced effect.

Binding the body with tape in various areas including the waist, legs, arms, hips and bum were some of the test carried out. Above shows the binding of the waist; many women desire a smaller waist with enhanced hips and breasts to achieve that perfect hour glass figure. My results showed that when trying to manipulate the figure to make it smaller more fat was gained on top and below the area compared to what was lost from the waist (not necessarily desirable...). 
I wanted to look at how this manipulation could become grotesque by adding excess fat to parts of the body.

I designed a sample piece which was boned and allowed pieces of the corset to be removed, this caused more pressure than an ordinary corset as more manipulation could take place.

Carrying forward my interest in manipulation I decided to produce some experiments of adding and layering up bulk to obtain an extreme impact.

Applying a mass of bulk to a concentrated area was more effective in conveying a sense of destruction through extreme measure, especially when the bulk was added to less desired places on the body.

The samples above show a gradual build up to the mass of bulk, this exposes the layers therefore demonstrates the build up. For the bulk to appear more realistic it should maybe be one mass of bulk as opposed to segments.

Creating bulk without using wadding; although this appears effective, it doesn't seem full the way a mass of something should. Working with the padding is more effective in creating the impact I want.

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  1. Jude, its Helen from fashion week. I love this. Especially the detail you go into about your original ideas / inspiration- top work.