Wednesday, 19 October 2011

London Fashion Week September 2011


Arrival at the Kokon to Zai shop in London.
Make tea for everyone
Start to organize shoes
Assigned a grumpy male model to dress, "I must leave. I cannot try on these clothes unless I will be wearing them for the show." Response: "You're getting paid and you haven't a clue what you will be wearing as line up is still being organized therefore I would give over if I were you."
Photographed all the clothes showing what way they should be worn by the model and what accessories should go with the garments.
Organizing line up of all garments and accessories.
Everything must be packed up as we're running out of time!!!
Loading up the car.

Departing the Kokon to Zai shop and off to Somerset House!
Finding all dressers and explaining what the plan is
The missing male models... Panic not?

The day had started off what felt like forever ago but it was incredible. My job was to oversee the dressing of some models as well as dress my own. There were of course some hiccups such as the missing male models, one of which we found, the other we had to compromise on the garment he was to wear and add it to another piece in the collection.
There were also not enough shoes for the male models.... em ok compromise again.
During the actual show one of the dressers wondered off and a mad panic set in trying to dress the model in her second outfit, I had to step in a dress the model as she cursed in a foreign language- charming.

Although it seems negative it was AMAZING and I couldn't have wished for a better more hands on experience between the rush of dressing models correctly, supplying pins and chewing gum to the designers it was a breath of fresh air to the industry I am embracing.

 With great thanks to the KTZ designers I had this incredible experience.

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