Sunday, 16 October 2011

Inspiration for The Destruction of "Beauty"

Paddy Hartley: Face Corsets

These extreme designs by Paddy Hartley appear extremely grotesque looking at how they manipulate the facial features; they are completely transformed. However they have medical benefits as well; they are used to help patients who have suffered extreme burns, they are lined with a special treatment which aids the healing process.
Hartley has created dramatic effects with a small amount of excess skin, I find this fascinating and aim to take my final piece to extreme measures.

Anna Zwick: Graduate Collection.

Inspired by the film, "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" and the idea that the main character is trapped within himself. This parallels the viscous circle people put themselves through when they desire to be something or someone else, vanity is a very destructive thing and acts by caging people within themselves, surrounding them with their own "imperfections". 
I find the use of layers and skin tones interesting in producing the various bulges which make up this human cocoon.

Jenny Saville:

Jenny Saville isn't afraid of distorting the body and manipulating it to make it appear grotesque. Saville cares about what is natural; it may be large mass but it is reality not artificiality. 
This is what I am aiming for: Enhancing the figure in an undesirable way.

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