Wednesday, 19 October 2011

London Fashion Week September 2011


From the long list of Press for designers which I contacted I got a massive number of rejections saying that help was not needed and there was no space for students..... Annoying yes but I persevered.
Finally some more luck, I heard back from Kokon to Zai, a group of three designers who are really fresh on the London scene, I was thrilled and decided to stop by one of their shops in London. I got chatting to one of the designers and got asked to do some beading work for London Fashion Week as some of their accessories for the show had not been completed:



Kokon To Zai which means "From here to Then" were inspired by African culture; high energy; vibrancy, this is expressed through their use of primary colours and bright prints. 
The beading I completed as seen above was quite a complex pattern for a pair of earrings which hung over the top of the ear and in behind the lobe.The designers were thankfully really pleased with my work and asked me to stay and watch them do some styling for the Fashion Show on the Wednesday. This was a really exciting opportunity as I got to watch them at work. They invited me to help out backstage at the show!

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