Tuesday, 18 October 2011

London Fashion Week September 2011

The day before London Fashion Week began our tutors gave us the marvelous and what seemed impossible task of blagging our way into Fashion Week.... HELP!! I decided to jump straight to it and emailed everyone on Press for the designers to see if I could sway anybodies better judgement and get them to take pity on a sad little fashion student.

I got lucky......


"What ever happened to Baby Jane."

Very feminine silhouettes focusing on volume through pleats and ruffles but still maintaining a very structural, womanly silhouette without drowning out the female form. I found the garments extremely refreshing with lots of use of pastel tones rarely seen on menswear.


Caroline Charles' collection was very romanticized use of black and white with vibrant colours in between. The use of silhouette was kept very well tailored, very classic cuts were used in the collection. It felt nostalgic of a different decade; the 1920's through the use of delicate sequins and lace alongside the beautifully structured Chanel style jackets.

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